Building ChromaCon, my first MVC app


  1. Code school is going awesome and I’m having a f*%@ing blast.
  2. Last week was our first project week, aka our first 1-week hackathon where we build our own apps to demonstrate mastery of the unit concepts.
  3. I chose to build a rendition of Conway’s Game of Life in vanilla Javascript.
  4. If you want to see the final results: make sure you’re in Chrome, go to, start the game, draw some shapes on the canvas, add some color, then hit your spacebar and watch the cellular automaticity unfold.
  5. If you don’t know wt hell is going on, don’t panic. Refer back to the link in #3 above. This project is not everyday-practical, but its fun.

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The decision to leave client services

Most of my work experience is in software client services. At various points this term has encompassed tech support, training, consulting, account management, configuration, and actual project management.

Because of its multifaceted nature, client services really can be stimulating and challenging. At its best, this sort of work lets you / makes you do all these things at once:

  • Master the actual software product(s), then teach other people how to use them
  • Understand the technical and organizational world of your client
  • Conceptually translate business requirements into project and design decisions
  • Develop many relational “gears” to handle different kinds of client temperaments
  • Devise project timelines and crack the whip to keep things on schedule

Now the good news is, I really had one of these “at its best” experiences in my last job.¬†But the longer you stay in a given role, the more its tedium and monotony starts to grate, and the less its challenges continue to inspire. Continue reading

Code is actually kind of like magic

I started seriously studying JavaScript in October 2017, around the same time I started considering a career change.

As I get further into this, I want to take notice of things along the way, and specifically how my mindset changes. Because being mindful of how one’s interior world is changing is also an excellent way to (eventually) be mindful of the differences between other peoples’ interior worlds and your own.

So my first noticing is: coding feels like f*@$ing magic.

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